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Dr. Beth Hedva, Author, Teacher, Healer and Humanitarian, Dr. Hedva held core faculty appointments in Antioch University’s Department of Clinical Psychology, and John F. Kennedy University’s prestigious Department of Consciousness Studies in California. Dr. Hedva’s unique instructional and experiential training approach blends both ancient and contemporary cross-cultural spiritual healing traditions with emerging breakthroughs in psychology.

Beth Hedva helps people find new kinds of inner focus, stress release, personal confidence and healing in themselves that they can share with their families and others in the community. A Calgary psychologist, Dr. Beth Hedva was chosen to lead front line trauma recovery efforts in both of the two most deadly natural disasters of this century, and was invited to present her Spiritually Directed Therapy Protocol for Recovery strategies and the results of her program at a United Nations symposium in New York.

Dr. Hedva is licensed as a Psychologist (Alberta RPsych # 3212), trained and licensed and as a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor (MFT18470 in California) and is certified as a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Psychological Specialties. Beth Hedva holds California State Board Certifications in medical hypnosis, and also somatic sexology, specializing in intimacy enhancement and sacred sexuality. She has practiced as a Clinical Parapsychologist – having worked as an ‘Expert Intuitive’ and liaison to the Office of Paranormal Investigation on research teams to explore ghosts, hauntings and poltergeists since its inception in 1989.

A past Director of the International Council of Psychologists, Hedva’s award-winning book, Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, is required reading at Columbia University in New York. Currently Director of Training and Counselling* with the Institute for Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences, her work continues with online training programs and speaking engagements where she combines a blend of spiritual and clinical practices with ancient and contemporary healing strategies to offers unique paths for personal and community healing and growth.

She is available to meet face-to-face, via phone or video-conference world-wide.

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