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What is Embodied Awareness? It is a state of being fully present and feeling fully alive.

Our bodies receive and process energy which we interpret as thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions.We process information about the physical world in the form of sound, light, heat, vibration, texture, movement and other sensory signals that are provided by our physical senses.

Together with subtle inner signals, including emotions, thoughts, felt-senses, and other intuitive perceptions we receive input from seemingly invisible spiritual realities. The synergy of the two – outer physical and inner spiritual realities – helps us to become more insightful, more emotionally and spiritually mature.

Learning to use inner resources as tools for personal growth, is as important as addressing emotional, cognitive and behavioural strategies to effect healing and psychological healing.

Dr Beth Hedva’s many programs, including Embodied Awareness On-Line facebook chats, video-conferences and seminars provide opportunities to learn techniques that expand our perception of subtle energies. Dr Beth Hedva and Associates Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitators, who have completed Level 2 training, including 200 hours of supervised practicum, are available to mentor you.