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Dr Beth Hedva’s unique psycho-educational public programs act as a catalyst to awaken to unknown strengths and inner resources. Learn to step beyond limited or habitual responses and find enlightening ways to meet life’s greatest challenges.

JANUARY – 2021

LEARN THE TAROT (Live On-Line via zoom)

6 Sundays Beginning January 17th to February 21st from 330-530pm.  Tuition: $420 60% of your $420 (Canadian) fee for their educational fundraiser supports Women In Need Society to help disadvantaged women and their families this winter.


Take this exciting opportunity to work with renowned Dr. Hedva on one of her passion projects; the classical tarot. Dive into the deep wisdom and insight contained in the images of these cards and this system. This course will change your understanding of the tarot and of the messages within this classical art. This course will train you to think symbolically. You may bring your favorite deck to class, and for this course you will need to purchase the Universal Waite Tarot or Albano Waite deck outside the primary cost of the course.


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Sponsored by YOGANOVA STUDIO.  Contact ph: 403-478-0771 http://www.yoganovastudios.com  e: yoganovastudio@gmail.com

Dr. Hedva held core faculty appointments in Antioch University’s Department of Clinical Psychology, and John F. Kennedy University’s prestigious Department of Consciousness Studies in California. Dr. Beth Hedva made her reputation by blending ancient and indigenous cross-cultural healing practices and spiritual traditions, with modern psychological best practices to promote an integrative approach to community health and wellness. Dr. Beth Hedva is a licensed Psychologist and a Marriage, Family and Child Counsellor.

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This 15 minute program shows you how to calculate and interpret what your soul seeks to embody this lifetime described symbolically by blending two ancient intuitive sciences, numerology and taro

Protected: Learn the Tarot Worksheet Materials, Handouts and six and a half hours of Video Lessons # 2-6 content is password protected.  To gain access and view please enter your password below:




(Dec 21, 2020) “When I lived in Berkeley, California, I was fortunate to study with Swami Vignanananda, a Hindu teacher commissioned by Swami Sivananda to” bring yoga practice to the West”. This EARTH BREATH WORK PRACTICE will change your entire nervous system’s response from a cortisol-stress reaction to an oxytocin -relaxation response in only 5 MINUTES.


2021 By the Numbers and the Stars (Dec. 13, 2020)

This one hour long. It is worth taking the time to watch it (in small doses or all at once. My recommendation is: Sit down with a cup of tea and a notebook and click on the video below. I hope, together, we can optimize 2021’s amazing possibilities and help prepare for the challenges and opportunities to come.


Making Sense of 2020 (Jan 12, 2020)

Long before the Covid pandemic hit the news in North America, I was invited to offer perspective on what was to come in 2020. Using the ancient practices of numerology, astrology and tarot, this video outlines how we can bring our gifts forward, despite foreseeable challenges; and outlines simple practices you can use to stay healthy amidst challenges, despite external circumstances (1 hour 5 min).


This 20 minute program (Filmed at the International Convention on Parapsychology held in Paris, 2019). Dr Beth Hedva presents her experience as a Clinical Parapsychology working with the Canadian Institute for Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences and offers a vision for the development of Clinical Parapsychology by addressing: 1) Why and how we need to further  ‘develop’ Clinical Parapsychology; 2) Who needs help; 3) Ways we can help; 4) Establishing ethical and respectful cross-cultural practices; 5) What specific skills we clinicians should have.


The time has come for Clinical Parapsychology, as an applied science, to be as openly and clearly discussed as any other clinical practice or science, to fully equip ourselves and the scientific community in the use of psi resources (psychic, intuitive, ‘spiritual and or energy healing/energy medicine’) as bona fide healing tools.” – Beth Hedva, PhD