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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. What is Embodied Awareness?

A. Embodied awareness is a contemplative mediation practice that helps you to:

  • Reduce stress and relax
  • Improve relationships
  • Evolve your brain
  • Steady your heart
  • Engage and expand your intuition
  • Embody your spirit

Q. What is the difference between the Embodied Awareness: Introduction to Spiritually Directed Therapy – Online and the Embodied Awareness Facilitator Certification?

A. This online training program provides the fundamentals of Embodied Awareness. In this course, you will learn the terminology and basic information, theory and practical exercises needed to conceptualize and understand the practice of Embodied Awareness. By the end of the course you will be able define and discuss Embodied Awareness plus help yourself and others explore some basic practices within individual, family, group, community, agency or institutional settings. We recommend completing the On-Line program in three months. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion after completing all 10 courses. The On-Line program consists of courses with quizzes and exams. With a passing grade of 75% you will receive a certificate of completion of Embodied Awareness: Introduction to Spiritually Directed Therapy – Online.

Dr. Hedva is an approved CEPA provider of Continuing Education in the State of California., maintains responsibility for this program and its contents, (CEPA # 003933) and offers continuing education for Californian LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs in the state of California. You may also check with the World Continuing Education Alliance to determine if this course can apply toward Continuing Education Credits in your jurisdiction.

Level 1 Certificate of Completion is a per-requisite for the Level 2 Certified Embodied Awareness Facilitator designation. An application and interview process is required to be considered for Level 2 Certification, which is limited to 12 students per year.

Level 2 Embodied Awareness Facilitator Certification Training offers in-depth face-to-face / LIVE experience putting the theories, concepts and practices discussed in the on-line course into practice both personally and professionally. Attendance in the TRAINING GROUP includes applying the 5-Step Spiritually Directed Protocol, experiential process, Supervised practicum interdisciplinary community building and interdisciplinary peer supervision.

Level 2 Embodied Awareness Training Group Seminars include:

1) Participation in Sharing Circle Training Group;

2) Application of Spiritually Directed Therapy 5-Step Protocol

3) Expand sensory perception into extrasensory perception and embodied awareness

4) Practice the T-R-U-S-T contemplative meditation to deepen and enhance embodied awareness

4) Practice Breath Work, Energy Work and Pranic Healing

5) Activate Self-directed inner guidance and inner healing

Q. Is the Embodied Awareness: Introduction to Spiritually Directed Therapy – Online a prerequisite to take an Embodied Awareness Training Program?

A. No, it is not – both the Online Course and other embodied awareness training program are offered to the public and professionals alike. These special events are a good introduction to Embodied Awareness and Spiritually Directed Therapies. BUT the On-Line Course is required for Level 2 Embodied Awareness Facilitator Certification. Graduates of the online course may also be eligible for a discount on the Embodied Awareness Facilitator Certification Program. (Based on acceptance and availability. Conditions apply.)

Q. Who typically takes Embodied Awareness: Introduction to Spiritually Directed Therapy – Online?

A. Anyone who wishes to learn more about Embodied Awareness Practices and how to incorporate embodied awareness into their personal and – or professional life, occupation and – or share skills and practices with individuals, groups, communities, agencies or institutions.

Q. What does this course look like?

A. Each Course consists of Sections and each Section has a multiple-choice quiz. Each quiz is designed to confirm your overall review of the material. At the end of each Course there is a multiple choice End of Course Exam. Answers to all questions may be found within the Courses.

For more information on individual courses, scroll through the course listings and select the course(s) you wish to view to review. You will also find individual course descriptions, objectives and syllabus for each course.

Q. Can I try a couple of courses for free and then decide if I want to purchase the course?

A. Unfortunately, no.

Q. I am not a fan of structure. Can I move around the course and read only the courses that interest me?

A. You are welcome to start where ever you wish. We have aimed to design each Course to offer value as a standalone mini-course. However, to get the most out of the courses we offer Course 11, which is a special discounted ‘certification package’ containing all 10 modules. We recommend that you complete them in chronological order.

Q. How long do I have to complete the course or the Courses that I purchase?

A. You set the pace at which you wish to complete the course.  We recommend one course per week, completing all 10 courses within three months time to support your learning experience and retention of the course material.

Q. How much time will it take me to complete a course?

A. The amount of time needed will depend on your familiarity with each topic. Each course is broken into 3 sections. Each section is various pages in length followed by 3 quiz questions. The end of the course exam is multiple choice questions. All the answers are in the material. Use the CE credits per course as a guide on the number of hours it may take you – 3 credits may mean 3 hours.

Q. What happens if I don’t complete the online course in the allotted time?

A. You are able to take the course at your own pace. If you do not complete the course in the time you determine, you are welcome to take the course again by signing up and paying the course fee. We are sorry; no extensions and/or course refunds are available.

Q. I don’t like tests. Do I have to take them?

A. To complete the online course and gain continuing education credits you are required to complete all quizzes and exams. All answers are within the material. You may also take the online course for no credit. Keep in mind, completion of the final exam is also required for those seeking Certification as an Embodied Awareness Facilitator.

Q. Are the End of Course Exams time sensitive or can I work at my own pace?

A. There is no time limit on the end of Course exams.

Q. Is it possible to audit the course?

A. Yes, you may choose to take the course for no credit. Connect to WCEA support at: support@wcea.education if you have further questions.

Q. What is the passing grade for the online course?

A. The passing grade is 75% out of 100%.

Q. What happens if I don’t pass the course?

A. You are very welcome to take the course over again, for credit, by going through the sign up and payment process for the course you need to take again.

Q. Can I get my money back if I don’t pass the course?

A. No. There are no refunds for courses if you don’t achieve a passing grade.

Q. Can I receive accreditation for completing this course?

A. Embodied Awareness: Introduction to Spiritually Directed Therapy – Online is accredited to provides up to 33 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs and meets requirements for The Board of Behavioral Sciences in the state of California, and is an CAMFT approved CE provider (CEPA # 003933)  by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Beth Hedva, Ph.D. (RPsych #3212; RMFT # 69225; CA-BBS MFT#18470), maintains responsibility for this program and its contents.

It is accredited in Canada by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). To avoid paying multiple transcript fees to CCPA, please wait until you have completed all of the courses you plan to study before submitting your form. Visit our accreditation webpage for details and links. You may receive up to 33 CE Credits continuing education credits.

Q. Can I buy this one Course at a time?

A. Yes you can. Course 11 is a ‘certification package’ containing Course 1 through 10 inclusive.

Q. Can I pay for this course in instalments?

A. No. Currently, because of our low introductory offer, we can only accept one payment in its entirety.

Q. Can I get a scholarship or discount on the tuition of this course?

A. Scholarships are not available. We offer a discounted price for the Certification Package which provides a Completion of Level 1 Embodied Awareness Certificate. Each course may also be purchased separately and comes with its own Certificate of Completion.

$210.68 US for the full ten courses
$32.27 US per Course
We also offer a 50 % off discount to students in low- and middle-income countries, (based on World Bank data) .

Q. Are there any terms or conditions in taking this course that I need to know about?

A. Terms and conditions are covered on the dedicated webpages; and also on the WCEA website. You will find important information concerning our Registration-Refund and Grievance Policy on the Terms & Conditions webpage. Registering for our online education indicates you have read and agreed to our on-line Education policies.

Q. Do you provide accommodation for For students with special needs?

A. Distance learning venues accommodate those with disabilities with assistive technologies to allow access to on-line courses. While we are not providers of assistive technology solutions, our customer service team has researched options and may provided recommendations consistent with those provided by university disability-services. When providing face to face programs in the United States we work with vendors who meet local, state and Federal standards, and meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) to make certain of accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Q. How do I take your course?

A. Go to the WCEA Portal and obtain a username and password. Review the courses available and make your choice. They are listed below for your convenience:











Course # 11: Level 1 Embodied Awareness Certification Package Courses 1-10 inclusive: EMBODIED AWARENESS ON-LINE: INTRODUCTION TO SPIRITUALLY DIRECTED THERAPY

Q. What happens if I have trouble signing in or Signing up?

Need Help Registering? Or  want information about receiving CE  in a different jurisdiction Contact WCEA Customer Service:


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