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Training for Helping Professionals

Dr. BETH HEDVA and ASSOCIATES have trained helping professionals, educators, leaders artists, and healers world-wide.

Past Chair of Continuing Education for the International Council of Psychologists, Dr. Beth Hedva has Dr. BETH HEDVA and ASSOCIATEStrained lay-audiences and helping professionals in medical schools and universities in many advanced counselling techniques in her Spiritually Directed Therapy, Protocol for Recovery from Trauma. She has conducted training world-wide to help lay-audiences, helping professionals and others over-come personal, interpersonal, man-made and natural disasters.

Embodied Awareness Facilitator Certification

Emotional Healing and Community Renewal: Spiritually Directed Therapy Protocol for Recovery from Trauma

Learn Dr. Beth Hedva’s 5 step protocol for recovery from trauma. Developed over 30 years, and tested with survivors from the 2004 Tsunami Disaster in Aceh, Indonesia to address mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, and physical recovery from trauma. Specialized training to increase our use of intuition and spiritual connection in the therapeutic relationship. The program blends cross cultural, indigenous and ancient approaches to healing with contemporary best practices in psychology.

Longer training programs offer training and supervision to help trainees:

  • Connect with spiritual healing resources
  • Assess the degree of traumatic reaction and resilience.
  • Expand counselling skills to include empathic and ‘deep listening’, validation and normalizing traumatic (including psychic and spiritual reactions to traumatic loss.
  • Train clients to use Self-directed intuitive and spiritual healing resources to guide therapy and recovery.
  • Empower survivors with customized spiritually directed self-care / self-ecology that includes cognitive-behavioral homework and disaster preparedness planning; and add benefit to both the individual and one’s community.

Inner Leadership Development and Group Facilitation Skills

Learn to facilitate your own and others inner healing and renewal through the practice of sitting in a circle with power equally shared, listening from the heart, opening to the mystery of life, speaking from the wisdom of our experiences in council with each other. Expand and develop trust in inner resources. Recognize and transform the ‘shadow’ and use it strengthen creativity, self-confidence, and spiritual leadership skills Understand and respond to group energy and group dynamics in healing ways that build community.

Betrayal, Loss and the Reestablishment of Trust

A professional training for psychologists, doctors, social workers, counsellors. While hard to bear betrayal and loss can set the stage for profound opportunities for self-healing and renewal. Based on Dr. Hedva’s award-winning book Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, this workshop will offer techniques that can help clinicians train clients to heal hurt,disappointment, resentment and obsession about the injury by recognizing and transforming betrayal into self-compassion, inner strength, self-trust, forgiveness and personal renewal. The workshop provides opportunities of audience participation and practical training.

BETRAYAL, TRUST AND FORGIVENESS “BEST SELF HELP” WINNER of the 2002 Coalition of Visionary Resources