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family & children

It is normal for children and adults to play, get frustrated, act out, and occasionally do odd or alarming things. Often a child or teen’s ‘bad behavior’ is transitory and developmental. However, if your child or family member show feelings and behaviors that concern you—or persist long-term, it is wise to seek assistance.

Our family sessions, with parents and their children, identify concerns and create a treatment that addresses your family’s goals: behavioural concerns, parenting skills, communication skills, anger management, needs clarification, self-esteem and body-image, trauma recovery, PTSD or responding to intergenerational trauma, managing transitions due to divorce, separation of blended families issues, ‘highly sensitive’ or psychic children, indigo and or ‘crystal’ children.

  • Step 1   Clarify concerns and distinguish short and long-term goals
  • Step 2   Create safety physically, emotionally and mentally and spiritually
  • Step 3   Learn to listen to each other’s stories, feelings, needs and fears
  • Step 4   Build upon family strengths and heal intergenerational trauma
  • Step 5   Have fun together by building enjoyable family rituals, routines and activities
  • Step 6   Practice homework that supports and confirms lessons learned
We may use a variety of treatment modalities including transpersonal therapies, expressive arts therapies, play therapy; and symbolic process as well as behavioural therapies, ‘homework’ and ‘talk therapy’ to meet the special needs of children and their families. Sessions are customized to meet the needs of the individual.
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