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Speaking Services

PhD Psychology, MA Clinical PsychologyBeth Hedva, PhD, RMFT, DABPS offers full personal, family and group counselling services, as well as customized speaking, personal development and educational programs created specifically for your group.

Visual aids, handouts, and group participation are included.

*Ask about TWO DAY PROFESSIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOP for Psychologists, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Pastoral Counselors, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Physicians, Graduate Students, Supervisors, Administrators of support agencies. 

Popular Programs:

12 Senses
This Embodied Awareness Self-care program blends experiential lectures and discussions to train you to discover and employ 12 senses (yes, 12, not just 5) to achieve and experience a ‘state’ you will come to know as ’embodied awareness’.  Understanding these well enough to embody them will allow you to build a healthy and powerful relationship with yourself, others your environment and those in spirit.

Soul Cycles (formerly Your Winter May Be In June)
Working with Your Natural Cycles
Just like plants have an annual growth cycle, you too have an annual human growth-cycle – your Soul Cycle. According to the ancients, as the sun makes an annual basis through the twelve houses of your astrological chart map-out your time to plant intentions . . .and harvest your results in an organic, practical, aligned and “unique-to-you” way!- for a lifetime!

13 Guardians
This Embodied Awareness Self-care program explores the history of the Guardian Archetype and the role of psychological blocks to spiritual progress. Dr Beth Hedva’s unique experiential lectures and discussions train audiences to recognize and use the power of embodied awareness to convert the ‘dark – shadows’ into tools for emotional healing and spiritual liberation and awakening.

Using Dreams to Heal Yourself and Others
[An Intuition Development Program]
Learn how to use the untapped potential of your unconscious and intuitive mind as a powerful source of guidance, direction and healing. By employing the ancient practice of dream incubation, combined with more contemporary dream-work methods we will explore the universal power of dreams as links to un-tapped inner resources of soul and spirit.

The World of Symbols –Hands-On Tarot
[An Intuition Development Program]
According to legend, the ancients preserved their wisdom by encoding their teachings in signs and symbols that describe five paths to awaken the human spirit. Learn methods to read these symbols. Cultivate your inner senses. Explore the ‘path of destiny’ unique to your life’s journey as you learn to walk the 5 paths of Wisdom.

 Cheirology and Personality Typing – Hands-On Palmistry
[An Intuition Development Program]
This up-beat, fun-filled program is a great ‘mixer’. Blending the ancient practice of palmistry with current research in cheirology, participants learn that life is, indeed, in the palm of their hand–including character traits, strengths and talents as well as personal challenges, and opportunities for personal fulfillment.

Sacred Conversations and Secular Conversations:
Reflections on Forgiveness
Based on Dr. Beth Hedva’s award winning book Betrayal, Trust and Forgiveness, this program offers an exploration of issues through customized focus-group discussion and a deep-listening techniques that engages participants in conversations on the power and place of forgiveness in their lives.