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A healthy person is a sexual person. The life-force within erotic energy offers us an opportunity to feel fully alive in our bodies, with our hearts open to love. However, sometimes-sexual encounters can bring up hidden wounds, fears and vulnerabilities that create a challenge for us. Relationship dynamics that lead to power-struggles, a history of abuse, infidelities, lies, or deceits and/or sexual activities which one hides from one’s partner foster resentments, fear, shame, suspicion and other barriers to love.

Yet these challenges can open the door to genuine intimacy and greater sexual fulfillment as you begin explore conversations that address longings, attachments, injuries, jealousies, insecurities, safe-sex, personal sexual desires and what fosters affection, sensuality, pleasure, intimacy or sacred sexuality.

 The work is to understand yourself, your body and your sexuality as well as explore your desires, your partner’s desires; and ultimately explore the transformative, regenerative power of erotic sexual love.
  • Step 1   Learn to share your own desires in ways that enhance intimacy, pleasure and trust
  • Step 2   Address challenges:to be able to love yourself and your partner sexually, sensually and affectionately
  • Step 3   Recognize sexual behaviors and beliefs that lead to self-judgment, shame, compulsions or obsessive attachments and addictions
  • Step 4  Learn to let go of, and mourn the loss of behaviors that do not bring you the kind of sexual fulfillment your body, heart, mind and spirit truly desire
  • Step 5  Explore alternatives and learn to negotiate a win-win resolution with your partner
  • Step 6   Take steps that help you begin to attain your sexual, sensual and intimacy ideals.

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